Watagans National Park Couples Shoot ~ Glenjamin + Joel

1 May, 2018 | Portrait

These pair! Can they be any cuter! I spent an awesome afternoon with Glenjamin and Joel at the Pine Forest in the Watagans creating some beautiful images to celebrate their love! These guys are so cute that they wear matching outfits everyday, and I mean literally every day! Just pure perfection!

We started our afternoon high up in the Watagans laughing and playing in the pine forest before we decided we might go for a bit of a 4×4 and see what else we could find that we could shoot in. We were stoked to end up at the Boarding House Dam. It was darker, cooler and a lot more wet here amongst the ferns, but it was worth the slow slippery walk down to see the water crashing over the edge of the dam. Once we got down there I had the crazy idea to get the boys to climb off the edge of the bridge and head into the shrubs and ferns to get some awesome images. I started to climb down myself, but my mud covered shoes had no grip so I took them and my stockings off and climbed down barefoot. As night started to fall, we made our way back up the trail to the car where we drove a tad further up the dirt road before stopping to do some night time images. Once we had finished we climbed back in the car and started to cruise back down the mountain. As I was driving I could feel a strange sensation on my leg, and in a brief bit of moonlight, I was able to see that i had a leech having a great old time on my leg! To say I had a melt down would be an understatement hehe! We stopped in the middle of the dark dirt track and the boys helped me to flick the leech off with a stick. Leeches are the worst! Now I’ve learnt my lesson to leave my shoes and stockings on haha!

Thanks Glenjamin and Joel for allowing me into your beautiful relationship and to create some images for you. You guys will always have a beautiful place in my heart!