Walka Water Works Wedding ~ Merindah + Jamie

29 March, 2018 | Wedding

Its such an amazing thing being able to share in so any awesome couples best day ever, but its even more exciting when you get to do that for your Bestie too! When Merindah (who most of you will know as my amazing second shooter) and Jamie got engaged I was ecstatic! And when Mer asked me to be her bridesmaid, even more so! But then came the challenge of who would shoot the big day? And of course it would be CCP! So it led to us planning out how we would be able to have me do my bridesmaid duties and enjoy the day, as well as shoot the day. Our other second shooter Jason gladly came on board to help out, lead shooting the sections I couldn’t, like the ceremony and bridal party photos, as well as helping out with the rest of the days images too (and taking some fun dancing photos once we had all had a bit too much wine).

The week leading up to the wedding was a big one! We all spent much time out at Walka setting up. Many times we stood at the big open doors staring out at the bleak weather and pouring rain wondering if there was even a chance it would clear on the Sunday. But sure enough, Sunday morning we woke to a beautiful warm sunny day!

In typical Merindah fashion, Disney had to brought into the day somewhere, so we watched Disney movies in the morning before hair and makeup started. Bridal prep was in full swing at my house, with hair and makeup set up outside and me hanging gowns from my front verandah. There was only a slight nervous energy as we got ready, and sung karaoke into broom handles! After a few minor mishaps of missing nail diamantes and tangles in necklaces we were ready to go to the ceremony!

The breeze was in full swing at the ceremony, blowing the fabric from the doorways gently and cooling us all down. There were any laughs throughout the ceremony, including Mer’s friend and hairdresser Sarah being singled out as the one who was originally supposed to meet up with Jamie that night a few years ago rather than Mer, and the coolest idea I’d seen, instead of a sand ceremony, Mer and Jamie dripped paint down a canvas (which also resulted in many laughs as Mer’s veil went nuts in the breeze)!

After the ceremony we spent some time doing family photos and bridal party photos up the top of Walka before moving all the minis down the bottom for some more photos. Minis mean a lot to Mer and Jamie, the night they met, they sat talking for hours in Mer’s pink mini, so it meant a lot to have them there as part of the wedding.

After we had spent some time doing photos around Walka, we piled into the Cadillac the boys had arrived in to head to the Court House for some more photos and then across to Lorn for the last few. Then we made our way back to the reception where guests were enjoying themselves playing giant (and I really mean GIANT) connect four and making rude words with the big scrabble pieces.

After we had made our entry and we seated, the meals came out. PIZZA! Who doesn’t love pizza really! We then danced the night away with juice, wine and beers flowing from the Kombi Keg At the end of the night, I could resist taking mer and Jamie out for a few last night photos, before they piled Mer’s fluffy gown into the mini (which was a sight to see), to head back to their accomodation!

What an amazing day! It was such an honour to be able to stand up there with Mer and Jamie, and also create some beautiful imagery for them. I wouldn’t have had it any other way guys!