Tom’s Cabin Collaboration

26 June, 2018 | Collaboration

A few weeks ago I teamed up with a few of my favourite suppliers to have an afternoon of creativity! I always have the best time working with other like-minded creatives!

For this shoot we had planned an edgy, yet soft, country-ish concoction of awesome. And Tom’s Cabin in Seaham was the perfect location for our vision. So the weeks of planning and making begun! As the shoot date got closer, we started paying attention to the forecast, which was not looking to be on our side at all. A few hours till the shoot was scheduled and it was bucketing down. The decision was made to go ahead rain hail or shine. And after me deciding to go on a motivational speech rant to the group maybe more so for my own benefit than anyone else’s, we were good to go and started heading out there. On my way out I drove through a patch of rain that was so intense I couldn’t see and had to pull over. But I was still pumped. I mean, who does styled shoots in the rain? This dream team, thats who!

Once we arrived at Seaham there was just a light sprinkle, so Abby and I picked out some spots and started unloading the props. When our model Bronte (who is a good friend of ours who we conned into modelling for us whether she liked it or not ~ although to add, I think she did like it) arrived Caitlyn got her dressed into a beautiful teal tulle gown, and Kylie added some beautiful hand made accessories into her hair and we were good to go. Julie and Brooke had done an incredible job on hair and makeup, even adding in some edgy dreadlocks! And Josie’s florals were just divine! What a team!

Would you believe, the second we started shooting, the sun came out! So we slowed down the pace and had some fun with wine that was all for show and should not be drunk at all and blowing on dandelions. We kept an eye on a massive black storm cloud that was looming, and it wasn’t long before another downpour began. We all made a mad dash for the props and styling and ran for the cover of the small verandah of the cabin. Except for me, who continued to skip through the rain like the weirdo we all know I am. Thankfully the downpour only lasted a few minutes and we were back in action.

When we moved onto the second gown, I decided it was time for some smoke bomb action, and just as we did, the sun came peaking out from behind the clouds to illuminate the smoke and create a beautiful golden glow for a backdrop. It was magic!

By the end of the day we were all extremely cold and tired and soaked (I continually seemed to lay in the grass, despite how drenched it was), but what a blast of an afternoon it was! This group of women are always incredible to work with! I’m so glad to have them all local to me! A massive thank you to every single one of these ladies for your dedication and hardwork, to come together, despite the rain and 10 degree temperatures to create a truly magical shoot!





Accessories: ALL ABOUT ROMANCE ~

Florals:  JOSIE POSY ~

Model: Bronte Richards

Photography: Little Old Me