The Barn, Adam’s Peak Wedding ~ Amy and James

15 May, 2018 | Wedding

Amy and James’ wedding was the epitome of stylish! These guys know how to pull together an epic party! Their wedding day was held At the always awesome Adam’s peak on an extremely rainy December day. The whole morning the rain had been coming and going and the decision was made to move the ceremony into the Hay Shed. By the time the ceremony rolled around, the rain had decided to start completely bucketing down. The sound of the rain on the tin roof was so heavy it was almost deafening, but the ceremony continued on as though it was a perfectly sunny day, with laughs, many tears and beautiful tender moments between the couple.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed some cocktails and beers under the shelter of the hay shed before I stole the bridal party away for photos. And this bridal party was so so awesome! Not once did they complain about the rain and getting wet, they were keen to just get in there and have fun with the photos. And it shows, there is so much love and happiness radiating in the photos of Amy and James with their friends, that I did not stop smiling like a loon while I was editing! We ran between the rain and the shelter of the cabin verandahs (where the beers were also kept safe) for shots and did not stop laughing. Once I had finished with bridal party portraits, Mer and I helped Amy and James into the car and we set off for some more photos. The rain started getting even heavier, if that was even possible, so we made for the shelter of the little corner store in Broke to try and get a slight break under the awning. Once we were done here we made our way back to Adam’s Peak to meet up with the bridal party and crack some champagne ready for the reception.

As amy and James entered the reception they downed a shot and partied their way down the aisle with the biggest smiles! It was pure awesome! As the rain continued, the party raged on inside, with all the tables being moved out of the way to create space for an epic dance floor!

Thanks so much Amy and James for being such troopers on the day, getting out in the rain with no umbrellas half the time to get awesome shots. You guys were literally the best!