Stanley Park Wedding ~ Marissa & Luke

15 January, 2019 | Wedding

To say I had been looking forward to Marissa & Luke’s wedding for some time would be an understatement! You know when you just mesh so well with people you feel you’ve known them forever, well thats these guys, so I knew their wedding was going to be beyond epic!


Their wedding was held at the ever beautiful Stanley Park on a warm and overcast day. Many laughs were had during prep time, with everything from pushups to yoga poses going on during bridal prep. The ceremony was held under the stunning fig tree beside the house, and also involved a lot of laughs. After we had completed all the family portraits and bridal party photos on site, we jumped in the car and set off for the rolling Stockton Sand Dunes for some more portraits and to set off some smoke bombs. While we were there, the storm clouds started to roll in creating an epic moody background for the images. We all laughed and clapped like mad as Luke did a backflip off a dne as we were leaving to go back to the car. Our next stop, Maccas! Yup, thats right! Good Old McDonalds! Marissa and Luke are burger lovers, and getting a Quarter Pounder to tide them over till dinner seemed the perfect option! So in we went, ate some food, cooled down in the air con and took some quirky portraits in the store! We did get some rather confused looks from many people in the process.

After a few more stops, we made our way back to Stanley park for the rest of the portraits and to get ready for the reception. By now the storm cloud were really forming and starting to rumble. It wasn’t long before a massive front rolled across and opened up into a massive storm complete with sheet lightning and a crazy downpour! And I am a sucker for a good storm at a wedding! The reception was a blast with awesome music, bowls of delicious food, including fish tacos and pastas, and a hell of a lot of break dancing!

So basically, Marissa & Luke’s wedding lived up to epic day I knew it would be. We left the wedding grinning from ear to ear about all the awesomeness! Thanks to both of you for having us there to share it with you, and to eat burgers with you!