Somersby Gardens Wedding ~ Bridget & Joel

13 March, 2019 | Wedding

From the minute I first spoke to Bridget & Joel I just knew their day was going to be incredibly stunning! And the day did not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination!

After a few morning timing hiccups due to an accident on the freeway leaving traffic at a standstill for hours, we were at the beautiful Somersby Gardens, The sun was shining and we were ready for the ceremony! After the ceremony finished, all the confetti had been thrown and the Patron shots were had, we set off with the bridal party around the stunning property, laughing all the way! We even got to play with the beautiful horse who lives on the property, and anyone who nows me, knows I’m a sucker for animals!

Towards the end of the portrait sessions we decided to go for a little drive to the waterfall, but as the ground was a bit wet and muddy, we decided to stay up the top rather than trek to the bottom . But it was equally awesome up there with the storm clouds rolling in.

The reception was styled immaculately with lush greenery and flowers dripping from almost every surface. A photographers dream! The bridal made their entry which was met with lots of laughs, particularly as one of the bridesmaids came in on one of the groomsmen’s crutches! To start off the evening some “house rules” were laid down air hostess style. I was laughing so much I was crying by this point!

After dinner we jumped in the property owners 4×4 and set off through the bush to go to the ledge for some sunset photos. And while the weather and sun didn’t want to cooperate with us, the moody sky made for a spectacular backdrop. Almost as soon as we got back into the reception, the sky opened up and the rain came down while everyone partied hard on the dance floor.

And the dance floor! Oh how fun that was! Just about every quest was up, partying and singing loudly. Its always a blast to photograph wild dance floors! Our beautiful bride and groom and their bridal party even got up and belted out ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ to the cheers of their guests! What a day! I drove home from this one exhausted, but so full of smiles, my cheeks hurting from laughing.

Thanks guys for being an absolute dream to photograph! You, your bridal party and family are welcome to invite me to shoot you anytime haha! I’m just sad the day is over now!