Riverwood Downs Wedding ~ Chris + Grace

20 April, 2018 | Wedding

Chris and Grace! What can I say! These guys friggin rock!!!! There is quite the story behind Chris and Grace booking CCP! This story begins many years ago at a wedding expo in Singleton. As couples piled into the large hall, mer and I spotted a couple in the crowd. A bride with brightly coloured hair and a tall tattooed groom. Something about them just screamed out to me that I needed to photograph them (in a totally non creeper way). They ended up at our stall and when I got talking with them, I knew I needed to photograph their wedding! We just clicked instantly. We got chatting about dates and I whipped out the calendar to check and see if there date was available. We were all pretty devo to see it was already booked. So they thanked me and were on their way and I’m pretty sure I died a little inside.

Fast forward to a few months down the track, I get a message to my CCP facebook page from Chris asking if I had another date available. I checked, and again, that date was booked. That death I spoke of earlier happened again. Over the coming months I would get occasional random messages from Chris along the lines of “damn you Candice” as every time they saw images online or in magazines that they liked, they were mine.

As it turns out, after almost a year and a half, I get another message fromChris, with another date, this time a weekday in July, with the hope I wasn’t booked. Finally luck was on our side and we locked it in! I was pumped!

Come their wedding day, I was still pumped! Their wedding was held at Riverwood Downs at the base of the Barrington tops. It was chilly, but Chris’s red velvet coat and Grace’s awesome leather jacket kept them warm (and looking pimp!). The ceremony was held on the edge of the river surrounded by beautiful trees and smooth river rocks. At the end of their ceremony, they walked back down the aisle as guests fired confetti canons. It ended up as a total white out of confetti and looked like snow all over the ground at the end.

We trekked here there and everywhere for portraits and got up to all kinds of shenanigans (no one uses that word enough), including Chris pushing over a tree to make it easier for his bride to get through to the spot I wanted them to stand, me hanging upside down off a bridge so I could get reflections across the water, dancing to Scooter on the side of the road, and almost burning down the Barrington Tops (no thats a lie, it wasn’t that extreme) when a smoke bomb decided to turn into a fireball. Just as the sun had set and the sky was a beautiful pink glow, we were shooting in a paddock and a bunch of horses decided to wander up and join in on the action. It was pure magic!

Everyone had a ball at the reception, and many laughs were had as everyone filled in the funny cards on their tables that required them to draw a picture of the person sitting next to them. As the candles were all blown out and everyone set off outside for the bonfire, the unfortunate news came that the bonfire could not be lit as the wind was too strong, so everyone started to retreat to the rooms. But it wasn’t long before a party had gathered around the BBQ, where we lit it initially for warmth, then Grace’s dad had the great idea of bacon and egg rolls! So here we all were, at 2am, gathered around a warm BBQ, drinking red wine and eating B+E rolls! What an awesome night!

Thanks so much Grace and Chris for coming back and forth with me for so long and allowing me to be part of your day! it was so so epic! Lets do it all again!