Redhead Maternity Shoot ~ Katrina & Cunningham

23 February, 2021 | Maternity

I love a good stormy beach session! As I arrived at Redhead Beach for Katrina & Cunningham’s session the dark clouds were rolling in and the win was picking up! I knew this was going to be an epic session! And my did These guys make spectacular models!

We had to be very careful where we stepped as the beach was littered with more blue bottles than I’ve ever seen in my life! We trekked around the main area near the surf club for the majority of the session as there was barely a soul about but then jumped in my trusty Jeep to head to the dunes end of the beach for some more shots. This session was just WOW! Katrina modelled one of my newest gowns in my collection. A stunning mustard coloured gown from Chicaboo! We could not have asked for a better colour for this shoot!

Right at the end of the shoot we figured, since we were there already, that’d be jump in the water for a few shots as well! Katrina was such a trooper and the water was such a great temperature!