Redhead Beach Maternity ~ Alana & Luke

28 April, 2021 | Maternity

Sometimes you just have those sessions that are amazing for the soul! This session was totally one of them!

When I first started talking with Alana about her session I fell in love with her beautiful tattoos and knew I wanted to create something awesome and unique for her. I started playing around with a few ideas and concepts and started planning out the shoot. While discussing the ideas, Alana showed me the pregnancy announcement they had taken with her partner Luke’s surfboard and I instantly knew what I wanted to do! I have always wanted to do a series of surfing maternity sessions at sunset, so I knew I’d found my couple! I pitched the idea to them, and they were super keen so we locked in a date. Come the day of the shoot, the weather was freezing cold and the rain was pouring down, but hey, when has rain ever stopped me. So we decided we’d push on ahead.

We met at Redhead Beach on that chilly Saturday afternoon and set off down to the rocks in the middle of the beach. Alana’s girls were not as keen to get in the photos due to the weather, so we got those done first and then got really creative! The rain didn’t stop the whole time we were shooting, so between the rain and the ocean, we were all drenched! Worth it though! The plan had originally been to get some of Alana on the board as well, but unfortunately the seas were a bit hectic to keep stable and as I waded out into the water clutching my camera, the waves were pushing me around too much as well, so there was too much of a risk for us all. So we stuck to the shallows.

This shoot was just… sigh! Like, I couldn’t stop smiling as I sat in the car flicking through the images on my very waterlogged camera. What a session! Literally the best! Thanks guys for being so totally totally awesome!