Rainy Wedding Days

26 October, 2017 | Wedding

Something I hear a lot from brides is that they are super worried about it raining on their wedding day! But I assure you, theres nothing to worry about!

I personally love shooting in the rain as it gives us some truly unique images! So here’s my helpful hints for getting the most out of your rainy day photos!


1. Have some colourful gumboots or flat shoes on the ready.
2. Colourful umbrellas are always super fun in images. I have a large selection of colourful and clear umbrellas I can bring, but if you prefer to provide your own, thats fine too. Just try to avoid big logos on them (much as we love Bunnings snags, we don’t want their logo in your images).
3. Trust your photographer! Generally if its raining you will see me getting a tad bit excited and jumping around a bit coming up with some awesome ideas for you.
4. Be prepared to listen and work fast. My aim is to get you some awesome images as quickly as we can so you don’t end up as a complete drowned rat (although sometimes its pretty inevitable to get a bit wet).
5. Be flexible with time. Sometimes I will want to pull you out of the reception for 5-10 minutes to get some truly beautiful night time rain images for you.
6. Bring along towels. Generally I’ll have a few in the car just to be safe.
7. Be prepared to get a bit wet! We wont be able to keep your dress etc completely dry, but my aim is to try. But ultimately, to get the best images, you will need to let loose and go with the flow and embrace getting bit wet!
8. Be relaxed and smile! While rain on your wedding day is not ideal, it’s still your one and only wedding day and it’s better if you just go with the flow and enjoy!