Mansfield House Wedding ~ Sarah & Mitch

25 February, 2021 | Wedding

I mean… I maaaaaayyyy be biased since my studio is here… but I LOVE a good Mansfield House wedding! When I first met Sarah and Mitch, I was so excited cause not only were they getting married here at Mansfield, but also because they are just generally the coolest, most fun couple ever!

Before the ceremony Sarah and Mitch wanted to do a first look (which is a great way to take away the nerves associated with seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony). So I got Mitch all ready on the beautiful side verandah and Sarah made her way towards him. Once Mitch was given the go ahead he turned around and was able to see his beautiful bride in her gown for the first time! After lots of twirls, checking each other and hugs, we started our bridal party portraits around the building. We then set off for Walka Water Works for a few more portraits and some pre ceremony drinks! When we arrived back at Mansfield, the boys headed out to the back garden to get ready for the ceremony and welcome all the guests that were now arriving, while the girls headed inside to freshen up and get ready for their grand entrance. As the music started to play, the girls made their way through the gardens and down to the beautifully styled arbour! The ceremony was conducted by my favourite M Dawg (Or Monty King if we wish to be more formal) which suited Sarah and Mitch’s personalities down to a T! The ceremony was filled with so much laughter that by then end my cheeks were hurting! After the ceremony, lots of hugs and fist bumps we did group photos and family portraits before I whisked the couple back into the building for more portraits… cause lets be real… this is me we are talking about and I’m nevvvvver done with portraits!

Once we finished inside I decided it was time to head outside and set off a smoke bomb for some photos. I grabbed Monty to come and be our chief smoke bomb lighter/holder and we set off for the carpark. As it turns out, it was a bit breezy and the smoke bomb was not wanting to light. We finally managed to get it lit and sat it on the ground, but instead of creating dramatic billowing smoke like they normally do, we realised we unfortunately had a dud! We all stared at it perplexed before deciding to continue persevering with it. So once lit again, I instructed Monty to draw all around Sarah & Mitch with the smoke. it made for some rather amusing photos (but also some dramatic photos). After the smoke bomb went out we decided we’d set off a confetti canon as well! Because why not!

Sarah and Mitch then entered their cocktail style reception via the stunning old bank doors and jumped into some absolutely hilarious speeches! Laughs were had by everyone in the room! After speeches and some delicious food, it was time for the dance floor! And oh my was there some moves on that dance floor! DJ Papa Smurf kept the party going well into the night! What an absolutely epic day! Thank you both for having me their to share it with you!