Cypress Lakes Resort Wedding ~ Lauren & Jaidyn

2 February, 2018 | Wedding

To say I was keen for Lauren & Jaidyn’s wedding would be an understatement! I love getting to work with other creatives, and both Lauren and Jaiden had seemed as pumped as I was for all my random crazy ideas during their pre wedding meeting a few weeks earlier. Jaidyn was even going to bring his film camera along so he could shoot a few frames from his perspective during the day, so it encouraged me to bring along my film and shoot a few as well!

The morning of the wedding I woke up and looked out the window to see a lot of heavy rain falling. The car was packed up with towels and all my umbrellas and I was good to go! Lauren was super chilled out during her bridal prep, and after some last minute vow writing, we were ready to head to the ceremony. the rain was still hanging around, but not as heavy as earlier, so the decision was made to continue as normal with the ceremony on the lawn, and people could just hold their umbrellas to keep dry. Jaidyn’s face as he saw Lauren for the first time was just perfect! The ceremony was beautiful and heart felt, with lots of laughs, including when Lauren and Jaidyn were trying to nail their memory box shut and kept bending all the nails!

At the end of the ceremony when everyone was saying their congratulations, the rain started to get a little heavier, so we all moved inside to do family photos and the rest of the congratulations. Then we jumped on the buggies and made our way out onto the golf course for location photos. It continued to rain, but it didnt stop this trooper bridal party from having a fun time! And everyone errupted in a whole lot of laughs when Jaidyn thought he would take a short cut on the green, only to find that the GPS that controlled the buggy would shut it off once it got off the path, resulting in him having to push it back onto the green!

After we dropped the bridal party back at the reception area, Lauren, Jaidyn and I jumped in the car and set off on location outside of Cypress. We took a few cool shots featuring both Jaidyn’s and my own film cameras as props, struggled to light smoke bombs in the rain, chatted with a random man who thought we needed him to take photos for them on their phones, collided with spiky bushes while walking and ran in the rain. By the time we were at our last location, it was absolutely torrential rain! But that didnt stop this awesome couple who were super keen to keep creating magic!

When we got back to the reception, it was all hands on deck with hair driers to dry off Lauren’s gown and hair ready for them to make their entry. When I was leaving the reception, another party that was happening at Cypress Lakes set off an awesome fireworks display. It was the perfect way to end an incredible day!

It was an absolute blast of a day! I’m so stoked you both chose to have me there to share your big day!