Clarencetown Engagement – Emily & Nathan

10 February, 2017 | Engagement

When Emily and Nathan booked me for their wedding, they asked if they could do their engagement shoot on Emily’s parents property in Clarencetown. I knew Emily’s parents through my next door neighbours and often use their 1956 Buick for photoshoots. So of course I was stoked to go out on their property for the shoot (and maybe secretly hoping I’d get to shoot/drive the Buick again haha). It was an insanely hot, still day! When I arrived at the property, we all made our way down to the dam where Emily’s parents Mick and Al have an awesome bar set up. We had a bit of a chill session with some nice cool alcoholic ginger beers, chatting about the wedding, before we started shooting.

On the property was a totally awesome old truck, which Mick informed me was a little surprise for me to shoot with. He had borrowed it from another property in Clarencetown. I was pretty stoked to use it, but slightly nervous when, with a cheeky grin, Mick informed me I had to drive it if I wanted it anywhere different for photos. So we jumped in and I nervously (while avoiding a hornets next that was in the cabin) drove it into a field of long golden grass.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the property, utilising the fields, trees, bar, river and even a cool old boat that it was totally necessary to “Titanic” on top of! What a fun afternoon!