CCP Maternity Gown Collection

A question I get asked a lot is “Do you have any gowns for me to wear for my maternity shoot?” Well girl! I got you covered! Here I’ll document in detail each of the gowns we have available for use here at CCP!



This gown is by far CCP’s most popular signature gown (so occasionally it does get taken out of rotation for short periods for repairs etc). Its a super comfortable, stretchy gown with a suuuuper long, elegant train and cap sleeves. It can be worn for all sizes due to the stretch available.



This spectacular gown is suitable for all sizes. It features a huge amount of fabric for a beautiful floaty look, a split up one side and beautiful billowed sleeves.



This gown is another very popular choice due to the fact it is one size and super versatile. The top is a multiway, so it can be tied up about a million (slight exaggeration) different ways to suit whatever you look you want, or to give you more variety during your shoot.



This colour is absolutely stunning, so its no wonder its a very much loved choice for many! Its suitable for all sizes, strapless and has a belly split so you can get those beautiful bare belly shots!


This beautiful soft gown is the same style as the very popular red gown and is one of our newest additions. It has a beautiful long train and cap sleeves. Its super comfortable and suitable for size 6-18.


This gown is very delicate and features a lovely lace trim and tiny tiny train for that bit of a kick at the back. It is best suited for size 8-16.



This gown is super comfortable (I know as I’ve tried most of the gowns on… you know, for science) and had lovely 3/4 sleeves and a small train. It is best suited for sizes 8-18.



This gown is suitable for all sizes and features a tie up back to make it easy to get in and out of. Looks stunning paired with some of my maternity belts.



There is so much fabric in this stunning gown and it has a lot of weight in it. It has 3/4 bell sleeves and a few splits in the gown so you can get your sexy leg out haha!



This gown is a lovely soft multiway gown suitable for most sizes. the options are endless for how you can style the top of this gown.



Another CCP signature piece that is super popular! it is suitable for size 6-18 and has a beautiful long train. The train of this one is not as long as the red gown, but still just as spectacular.



This gown is suitable for all sizes and features a stretch strapless top and beautiful soft chiffon in the bottom. It has a split in the front for open belly shots.




This gown is another popular choice. It is suitable for all sizes and has beautiful bell sleeves!



This stunning soft gown is suitable for all sizes and features a small kick train and a ruffle around the neckline. it can be worn off the shoulder, on the shoulder, one shoulder or strapless.



The same style as my incredible popular red, forest green, and mustard gowns, this gown is suitable for sizes 6-18 and has a stunning long train. This gown can be worn two ways as it also has a very full chiffon overskirt so you can get a variety of looks from the one gowns.


This gown is an absolute stunner! It features a small train and the most spectacular billowing cape! Its suitable for all sizes too!



I adore this gown! It is made of beautiful soft amethyst coloured fabric. Its also a convertible style, so you can get variety of styles out of shoot with just this one gown! It can be worn with the skirt pulled down so it forms a beautiful mermaid style silhouette or the skirt can be pulled up to create a soft flowy style of skirt. It is suitable for sizes 6-18.


This gown is the same as the Mint Green one (just obviously in a different colour haha).



Again, this gown is the same as the Mint Green and Lilac just a different colour.



This is a popular look as well, and it is a combination of the lilac and dusty pink gowns, tied together with a beautiful belt. Suitable for all sizes!


This gown is the same style as the popular CCP Choices, red, dark green and mustard. It is suitable for size 6-18 and has a beautiful long train.


This delicate gown is something truly spectacular! Only 3 of these were made by the designer and this one is currently the only one in Australia! It is a lightweight shimmery pink fabric featuring a split up the side and a one shoulder design. It comes with a matching braided belt. It is suitable for most sizes.


This gown is a soft peachy pink colour and features delicate lace and cap sleeves. It is best suited to a size 8-16.


This stunning gown features a beautiful soft blush colouring, full chiffon flowing skirt and a wrap around top with ruffled sleeves. It is suitable for all sizes.



This gown is a stunner, especially at sunset! It is a plus size gown and suited to size 18-24. It has quite a bit of room in the bust, so is perfect for fuller busted mummas who want to look a bit glam!


This beautiful gown is a real show stopper! It features a built in spanks slip, split and small train. It is best suited for a size 8-14.


This is a simple gown that is super stretchy and has a small delicate train. The ruffle top can be worn several ways (strapless, one shoulder, off the shoulder or like normal sleeves). It is suitable for all sizes.


This beauty is perfect for those who want something a bit more simple. Its a lightweight latte coloured chiffon gown with a high neck. Suitable for sizes 6-16.



This gown is just spectacular! It is suitable for all sizes and is made of beautiful soft lace. It features a split up the side and the most spectacular billowing boho sleeves.


This gown is a very soft white lace with a tiny train and little flutter sleeves. It can also be worn with a seperate train extension as well which can be seen in some of the photos). Suitable for all sizes.



This gown features stunning lace sleeves and a layered tulle skirt. While the bodice is suitable for a wide range of sizes, the arms are quite small and tight so my sizing suggestion for this one would be up to a size 14 only.



This particular gown is one of my absolute favourites! It features a long train, sweetheart neckline and the most incredible sleeves that make you feel so damn regal (I know because I’m wearing it in one of the photos haha). Its suitable for all sizes.


This gown is very much one of my newest favourites! It is two pieces, featuring a stunning lace edged top and skirt that can be worn either above or below the belly for different looks. It is suitable for all sizes and is the most incredibly soft, flowy fabric.


This gown is an absolute show stopper! It has a soft lace bodice and thousands of layers of tulle to give it that full, puffy, mermaid tail bottom. It also has straps, so can be worn strapless or with the straps. It suits from a size 8-18.



This gown is exactly the same as the Ivory, just in black. And oh my word I adore this gown!



This is such a stunning gown, its so light and delicate. It has a beautiful V shaped train, long sleeves and low back. It is a see-through gown, so underwear choices need to be considered carefully with this one. It is best suited for sizes 6-16.



I had this one specially made for my studio and its always a favourite! It features long layers of rainbow chiffon on a super stretchy waistband. Its a skirt, so can be worn over any of the other gowns to mix up the look, but I find it looks best paired with the baby blue. it could also be worn with your own choice of top or bodysuit and can be worn over the belly, or under! Suitable for any size at all!


All my gowns are available for all my clients to use (you can even wear them for your portraits at your newborn session if you want). I normally advise to wear strapless or stick on bras under most of the gowns, or to go braless and wear nude coloured underwear. I wash and sanitise all my gowns after every use and store them away ready for their next hire. I’m always adding to this collection, so will be constantly updating as I add new gowns.