Buderim Falls, Sunshine Coast Elopement ~ Bonny + Jason

13 April, 2018 | Wedding

Everyone knows I love a good destination wedding and a good challenge, and Bonny & Jason’s elopement gave me both!

They had planned their elopement for the stunning location of Buderim Falls on the beautiful Queensland Sunshine Coast! But the weather for us was not so much sunshine for us, and more cyclonic sideways rain and flash flooding. But as I said, I’m always up for a good challenge! The morning of the wedding I cruised out to Buderim Falls to check the status of the roads after I had found out there was a high chance the road would go underwater. So far so good! The rain continued to fall heavily as I made my way to Alexandra Headlands where Bonny and Jason and their beautiful little girl Amelia were getting ready. The atmosphere in the hotel was super calm and collected. A bit of torrential rain was not going to put a dampner on Bonny and Jason’s big day! After he had finished getting ready, Jason set off for the falls to meet the celebrant and await Bonny’s arrival.

Once Bonny was dressed and ready to go, I took off ahead of her to get ready to organise Jason for their first look photos. By the time I arrived at the falls, the water was raising higher above the road level and the rain getting heavier still. I positioned Jason ready under an umbrella and Bonny arrived and showcased her beautiful gown to Jason.

The ceremony had had to be moved under a nearby rotunda due to how heavy the rain was beating down, but that didnt stop the smiles! And it didnt stop Bonny and Jason from sealing the deal and becoming husband and wife! After the ceremony everyone enjoyed some champagne and beers as the sound of the rain belted down on the corrugated iron roof and the raging sound of the now overflowing and flooding waterfalls and creek became deafening. But still, bottles were popped, laughs and hugs and tears were had and no one seemed phased at all by the downpour.

When the rain let off a little (and when I say let off, it was maybe just a tiny bit less heavy haha) we set off to our locations. As we left the falls, the water over the road was even higher! Thank god for 4×4! As we gradually made our way back towards Maroochydore, the rain picked up again and the sky started to darken, so we cut our locations short and made our way to The Boat House Cafe where they were having a casual dinner reception with their families. Before I left, we ran outside into the rain to create a few more night time rainy photos before I let them go inside to dry off.

The next morning we decided to take advantage of the fact the weather seemed to be clearing. For the first time, there was patches of blue sky. So Bonny and Jase got dressed up again ready to go and hit up the locations we hadn’t made it to in the bad weather the day before. Of course by the time we had climbed down onto the rocks at Alexandra Headland, the rain started again! So we just laughed and ran with it, still doing all our locations as normal. At one stage we even had to take shelter in the carport at my own accomodation and then asked my husband Alex to come along and help us out. Eventually it cleared and we had fun jumping in puddles and then climbing into the Maroochy River for some dress trashing to finish off the shoot. As we trudged back up the beach afterwards towards our towels, Bonny decided that since she wouldnt need her bouquet, she would gift it to someone. We spotted a little girl approaching on her scooter, so Bonny asked her if she would like the flowers. The little girl was very shy, but accepted with a smile!

Thanks so much Bonny and Jason for such an awesome and memorable adventure! I had a blast with you both! And thank you for the amazing birthday cupcake! It was delicious!