Augustine’s at Mudgee Wedding ~ Erica + Tone

19 April, 2018 | Wedding

Erica and Tone’s wedding! Wow! What an amazing adventure it was!

The journey began one crisp Friday morning as i set off on my drive out to Mudgee. Once I had settled in to my hotel I met up with Erica and Tone who took me on the grand tour of Mudgee and showed me their beautiful venue, Augustine’s. After they had shown me around, they dropped me back to my hotel where I grabbed some pizza for dinner and settled into my electric blanket warmed bed (it was early July and super chilly) ready for a big day the next day. The next morning I got up early and cruised around Mudgee picking out some locations for their portrait session. Once I’d picked out some spots, I met up with Mer and then we set off for the wedding.

The ceremony was held under a timber gazebo at Augustine’s with a beautiful backdrop of mountains and storm clouds. The wind had picked up and the breeze was very frosty, but that didnt stop the smiles, and gave everyone an excuse to cuddle up to keep warm! When the ceremony was done and everyone had said their congratulations, we set off with the bridal party to the oat field out the front of the venue to get some photos with the wicked storm clouds that were gathering in the background. To make it even better, we were directly at the end of Mudgee’s runway 04, so as we were taking some portraits, we had an aircraft come in to land, making for some pretty awesome portraits! As generally happens when I start getting carried away shooting, I had a crazy idea. There was some large shiny silos on the roof of Augustine’s and I had this grand idea of putting Erica and Tone up on them. The owners of Augustine’s were so accomodating, and before we knew it, the brave couple had climbed the little ladder and were up there! But then was the problem of me being somewhat (or maybe more than somewhat) vertically challenged, and I was struggling to get the angle I wanted. So with the help of Mer, next thing I too was doing a balancing act on top of a fence so I could get a better angle!

We then left the bridal party behind to mingle and set off into Mudgee town to get some more portraits. We trekked down dirt roads, did some off roading to some cherry blossom trees (even though they were not in blossom), climbed down off the platform at the old Mudgee train station, walked through paddocks and stood in the middle of a roundabout in the main street!

By the time we got back to the reception, the fireplaces were well and truely pumping as it had now got down to 4 degrees outside. The guests all snuggled in for amazing wine, great food and lots of laughter.

Erica and Tone were such troopers, even at the end of the night when I wanted to take them outside for a few night portraits, when it was now dropping to 1 degree, smiles never wavering. I knew this wedding was going to be an epic one! Thank you Erica and Tone for bringing me out to Mudgee for your big day, and agreeing to all my crazy weird ideas! You guys are the best!